Since this apparently hurt everyone emotionally, I’m writing a quick ending featuring donuts and my favorite trope- “they both think its unrequited”

After a fitful night, Gabriel awakens to a knock at his apartment door. He immediately checks his clock- already past ten- and kicks himself mentally on the way to the door, because he was supposed to have met Sam at nine. That’s probably him at the door, impatient and restless without his morning jog. 

He’s half right- it’s Sam, but a concerned Sam, bearing donuts. “Hey.”

"You brought me baked goods and I didn’t have to run for them?” Gabriel makes a face. “It’s not my birthday, Sam.”

"I know, I just figured you’d sleep in after last night."

"What do you mean?"

Sam looks simultaneously worried and uncomfortable. “Charlie drunk texted me last night after she left yours.”


"She just said she’d told you some things she shouldn’t have and that you sent her to bed because you were upset. Wouldn’t say what she’d said."

Gabriel waves him in. Sam closes the door behind him as he continues, “You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to, but… I just thought I’d see if you were doing okay and uh… donuts.” Sam finishes rather lamely as he sets the box on the counter.

The fact that, before last night, he’d never realized his own feelings seemed ridiculous now, because Sam is the greatest. They plop down on the couch and the armchair, Gabriel having to move an empty cider bottle that Charlie must have wedged between the cushions. "No, I’m fine. It was… about you, actually." 

Sam raises his eyebrows. “About me? Okay, it can’t possibly be anything too bad, then. You already know all my crap, Gabriel. And I’ve been doing okay.”

Gabriel does know Sam’s “crap”- and he’s ever thankful that it’s been months since Sam’s purposefully hurt himself. But that’s not what he’s trying to talk about, at all. “No, she just… mentioned that you used to like me.”

An incredulous smile accompanies the blush rising to Sam’s cheeks. “Oh.”

"To set the record straight, I wasn’t upset, I just had no idea. ‘Massive crush’, she called it."

"I thought- oh god, I thought you knew," Sam stammers. "I thought I was really, really obvious."

"Come on, Sam. You know how well I do at recognizing emotions. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m feeling…” Understatement of the century.How do you even love someone for three years and not know? How in hell had he watched Sam pine for a year and move on without even noticing?

"That’s impressive even for you. We go everywhere together, you know pretty much everything about me, you could probably identify my type-“

"Always the short blondes."

Sam gestures in frustration to Gabriel’s golden hair. “-and you’ve never noticed my massive fucking crush on you?”


"Oh god." Sam drops his head to his hands in amused disbelief.

"Come on, you got over it eventually,” Gabriel protests. At least Sam’s not the one stuck with sudden revelations and years of emotions he never asked for and-

Sam drags his hands down over his face. “How much do you love me?”

Gabriel’s first thought is a horrified ‘how could anyone have told when I just found this out last night?’, but he controls himself and just asks, “What?

"Seriously," Sam asks without looking up. "How much do you love me? As a friend, just… tell me you’re still going to care about me if I say some things…"


Sam slowly lifts his head, face bright pink. “I’m pretty sure I never got over you.”

Gabriel’s heart leaps- As of last night, there’d been a missed chance, but as of right now… “You mean that?”

"I mean… I got that you weren’t interested in me, so I kinda forced myself to go out with other people but…" Sam takes a long breath. "You were always right here." He reaches out and puts a hand on Gabriel’s knee- just lets it rest, heavy and warm and affectionate- as he meets his friend’s eyes, sincerely. "And I love that you’re here. But there’s no getting over that."

"Sam." Gabriel slowly slides his hand forward to rest his hand on Sam’s, but his friend jerks back and presses it to his forehead.

"I couldn’t date another guy, I couldn’t, and even the girls have all been kinda like you, and…” Sam stands up abruptly. “Look, I’m sure you need time to process all that. I’ll go.” Gabriel sits there, numb, as Sam moves towards the door. “Your donuts are on the counter.”

"Wait!" Gabriel leaps up and runs towards him. "Sam, I love you."

Sam, nearly at the door, whirls, suddenly hopeful. “So still best friends, then?”

"No, Sam, I mean I love you. As in I was processing this all last night and I love you. You thought I wasn’t interested, which was a clever ruse-"

"A clever ruse for what?" Sam spits out.

"I don’t fucking know, Sam, I just- I had no idea and I thought I missed my shot with you…"

"You’re saying…" Sam works out slowly, "that you just last night realized you’re in love with me."


Sam’s eyes narrow suspiciously. “How much?”

"How mu-" Gabriel sputters. "What do you want? Centimeters? Gallons? Miles per hour?"

Sam snorts. “Yeah, that last one. How many miles per hour-“

"I have literally loved you since we became friends, okay? I have had a massive fucking crush on you this whole time-"

"You’re ridiculous." Gabriel wants to point out that apparently Sam loves him anyway, but Sam practically rushes him to scoop him up in a tight hug. “We’ve both been ridiculous and we’re going out tonight on a real date, like we should have years ago.”

"So I’m thinking like ninety, then?" Gabriel comments as Sam loosens his grip. "Ninety miles per hour of love?"

"And accelerating," Sam confirms as he leans down and kisses Gabriel- aggressively. It’s unexpected, but Gabriel mouths back, suddenly aware of just how much he’d wanted this.


(Years later, they still ask each other "How much do you love me?" The only accepted answer is "Speed of fucking light.”)

For Gosh-Zillah


Sam couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise as lips ghosted over his neck. He knew those lips; knew them as if they were his own. A hand ran down his side and settled on his hip, fingers digging into the groove there.

Please.” Sam breathed, but a finger placed itself on his lips, shushing him. The mouth moved down towards his navel, and then even lower. Sam tried to raise his head up to watch, but an invisible force pinned him down, forcing him to look up at the ceiling.

He tried to breathe evenly, but then a mouth took down all his cock, and all logic went out the window. His back arched from the bed, and his hands tangled up in the person’s hair, forcing them to go deeper. A voice chuckled, sending vibrations through Sam’s body, and he moaned. Wanting more of this. Just wanting more.

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You need motivation? Really powerful, intimidation demon!Sam goes weak in the knees for the righteous man's brother hunter!Gabriel


Not exactly the kind of motivation  I’d had in mind, I’d more meant motivation to get me writing my Big Bang, but this works too! I’m never one to turn down a prompt ;D


Sam was in deep shit. And he had absolutely no idea how he was going to get out of this. He was a demon, for hell’s sake! He wasn’t supposed to be getting frustrated over humans, particularly not humans that could very, very easily kill Sam without a second though. Especially not humans that he had been assigned to corrupt.

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"You know if you where any taller I would need one of these little stools to kiss you"


Gabriel was developing a damn crick in his neck.  Kissing Sam was his favorite thing in the world to do, it truly was, but was it really necessary for him to be six foot four?  He had a solid eight inches in height on Gabriel, and it just wasn’t fair.  

Gabriel went up on his tiptoes, twining his arms around Sam’s neck and pulling him down a little so he could slip his tongue inside Sam’s mouth and kiss him like he meant it.  Sam’s hands settled at Gabriel’s waist, thumbs stroking his floating ribs, and Gabriel sighed, content.

Well, he amended as a bolt of pain shot through his neck, mostly content.  

Sam lifted his head, worried.  ”You okay?”

Gabriel rubbed his neck, wincing.  ”Ya know, if you were any taller, I’d need one of those damn footstools just to kiss you.  As it is, I’m considering investing in climbing gear.  Because you are Mount fucking Everest, pal.”

Sam grinned and took Gabriel’s hand, walking backward toward the couch.  ”I know an easy way to fix this problem,” he said, and sank into the cushions, pulling Gabriel with him.  

Gabriel made a happy noise and straddled Sam’s lap as Sam smiled up at him.

"Better?" the taller man asked.

"Much," Gabriel murmured.  "Now shut up, I need to explore Mount Everest for awhile."

Sam laughed and obeyed.


TitleInterlude the First: Date Night

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Sam Winchester/Gabriel

Summary: After maybe kind of asking Sam out and then proceeding to go on a could-be-but-might-not-be-date, things get a little heated in the kitchen.

Shit! My Mistake.



Gabriel weaves through the thick crowd of people, golden eyes dark with annoyance.

"Jesus Christ, Lucifer!"

He catches up to his brother, ready to punch him and chew him out for skipping out on their younger sister Anna’s birthday, when the taller male turns around.

Gabriel gulps.

That is most definitely not Lucifer.

This man (whom Gabriel has now dubbed Not-Luci) had the most brilliant hazel eyes and tufts of brown hair everywhere.

He was also growing some stubble and had some serious sideburns.

Now that he thinks about it, Not-Luci looked nothing like Lucifer.

How did Gabriel mix them up?

He blames it on an hour of sleep and several cups of coffee.

"Shit! My mistake." Gabriel says sheepishly. "I thought you were my brother, Lucifer. I’m so sorry."

Not-Luci arches an eyebrow.


"Yeah, yeah. My parents are religion freaks. I’m Gabriel, y’know. The archangel."

"Sam. Sam Winchester." The two shake hands.

"You don’t happen to have a brother named Dean, do you? Freckles, green eyes, best friends with Castiel Novak and dating Benny Lafitte?"

Not-Luci- er, Sam Winchester- chuckles.

"Yeah. He’s a total pain in the ass sometimes, but aren’t all older brothers?"

Gabriel cringes at the mention of brothers before giving him a weak smile.


"So, wanna get something to eat?" Sam offers, smiling kindly. "I know a great place nearby."

"Sammykins, food is the gateway to my heart."

Sam grabs his hand and the two head to Harvelle’s Roadhouse down the street, making jokes and laughing the entire time.


"I think I love you," Gabriel says one day, as casual as can be as he sits between the vee of Sam’s thighs, leaning back into his chest.

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Sad Kisses


“Hey, hey Sammy. It’s going to be okay.”

Gabriel kisses Sam’s hair softy as the younger boy sobs into his shoulder.

“Shhh, Sammy… I’m here for you.”

“I can’t believe dad kicked me out of the house.” Sam whimpers clinging to Gabriel.

“I can.” He scoffs back. “Your dad’s a great big bag of dicks.”

Sam chuckles dryly, rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah, he is.”

“Listen Sammoose. You can stay here with Anna, Michael, and me for as long as you need to- okay?”

He bites his lip, unsure.

“Are you positive, Gabe?”

“Sam, I’m always positive when it comes to you. I will never leave you. I promise.”

“Gabriel… thank you so much.”

Smiling, the older boy placed his hands on Sam’s cheeks gently.


He closes the gap between them, his soft lips ghosting across Sam’s before he looks up at the boy, nervously smiling.

“I’ve wanted you to do that ever since I first laid my eyed on you, Gabriel.” Sam breathes, grinning.

Ten years later, Gabriel and Sam Winchester get married underneath the shining light of the moon- and everything is perfect.

Sabriel Reverse!Verse Panty Kink


likhoradka, dreadofapenhopesetfree, why-not-sabriel, unam00sed, sabriel-otp aaaaaaaaand anyone else I forgot.  HERE IS YOUR PANTYKINK.  YOUR REVERSE!VERSE PANTYKINK SABRIEL.  



"Let me tell you Sam.  If that guy wasn’t lying completely out his ass, I will eat my leather jacket."  

"It wouldn’t taste good."  Sam said, looking askance at Gabriel.  "Why would you do that?  You love your leather jacket."  

Gabriel sighed and rubbed hand over his face.  ”It’s a metaphor Sam.  I wouldn’t actually eat my jacket.”  

"But you said-"

"Do you agree that he’s lying?"  Gabriel interrupted, turning to look at Sam, blinking when there was a suspicious lack of six foot plus angel standing beside him.  "Sam?  

Gabriel frowned and turned all of the way around, spying the angel standing in front of Victoria’s Secret.  ”Sam!”

Sam turned to look at Gabriel.  ”Yes?”

"What are you doing?"  Gabriel hissed, stomping back towards the angel, grabbing his sleeve.  He tugged, but Sam refused to be moved.  

"They are very beautiful."  Sam said, nodding to the window.  

Gabriel turned and stared at the outfit in the window.  Purple, lace panties, skimpy ones too, with a little black bow in the center.  Complete with purple corset that had black laces and a black lace design sewn into the purple satin.  His mouth went dry, imagining Sam in the outfit.  ”Yeah.  We’ll find a lady angel to wear it for you.”  

Sam frowned, looking back to the beautiful clothing.  ”Does it have to be a female?”  

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Anon arts time: suggest some things for me to draw, and I will try to do it within the week. No nsfw plz and thank you.

Oh man, I love kisses at weird angles because Gabe’s so short. So like Gabe having to stand on a chair or Sam having to bend down to like a 90 degree angle OR Gabe using his wings to float a little higher to reach Sam’s mouth. All good things that I love to see in fanart!